May 2, 2009


This interlaced triquetra consists of three Vesica piscis and a circle.  Over the centuries, it’s found usage in various cultures and religions as a symbol of ‘three in one’ with the circle providing added confirmation of unity and eternity.   Personally, I see it as a design done in the Celtic style, made to represent the Christian Holy Trinity.

The almond shapes were created with a compass by overlapping two circles, the circumference of one touching the centre of the other. Knots in the braids were measured so that they begin and end similarly at the points.

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One Response to “Triquetra”

  1. […] 22, 2009 This image is very similar to one created earlier and posted as a Triquetra.  The design has been altered and colored to be used for a wedding invitation.  The quotation and […]

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