Chicken Combs and Wattles

May 6, 2009

la-chickenPerhaps it’s because we eat chicken that we don’t take the time to learn more about them.  Making a drawing of one is a great way to study some of their features.

Both chickens and roosters have combs and wattles.  There are many different types of combs, and the ones on roosters’ heads are often, but not always, more prominent.  The wattles are folds of flesh hanging beneath their beaks that act as the bird’s cooling system. 

Whenever we encounter unusual features on a subject,  we’re forced to draw what we see instead of what we *think* we see.  Too often we rely on previous knowledge of a subject in order to create a new drawing.  We fail to make the most of the present moment to discover something new or appreciate familiar details in a different light.   Like any other discipline, drawing only what we see takes focus and attention to detail, but is well worth the effort.

This drawing was made with colored pencils.

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