The Baltic Wheel

December 12, 2009

baltic wheelsThroughout the ages, various cultures have created labyrinths to provide users with the opportunity to reflect while in motion along a given path. Their design integrates the circle with the spiral, two of the earth’s oldest symbols.

Forms are numerous, with applications in a variety of sizes and materials (stones, sticks, plants, fabric) created for either indoor or outdoor use. 

Scandinavian in origin, the Baltic Wheel labyrinth provides two paths to the centre: a long and a short.

The above drawings are preliminary sketches for a labyrinth that is presently in the planning stage for the MacDonald Park in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. The scarlet circles show possible placement of mosaic tiles. 

The hedge border will be Autumn Joy Sedum.


3 Responses to “The Baltic Wheel”

  1. Yousei Hime Says:

    What a great idea! I hadn’t realized that labyrinths served as planned paths for contemplation. Wishing I had one now. 🙂

  2. flandrumhill Says:

    Yousei, they are easier to create than one would imagine and need not be huge in order to be used for contemplation. Ancient ones have been found that were etched in stone, and it’s believed that their recessed pathways were simply followed with one’s finger.

  3. Yousei Hime Says:

    Ah, I’ve done that, usually with smooth rocks. I love just to hold them, feel them, and think. Learning is a joy.

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