January 22, 2010

Here are different stages of one drawing of a Bobcat made with colored pencils. The first stage, shown above, was done on January 20th, and only reveals the Bobcat’s eyes.

The second stage, done on January 21st, shows more facial features.

The final drawing, completed January 24th, can be viewed at Nova Scotia Bobcat.

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9 Responses to “Bobcat”

  1. […] The drawing of the Bobcat, at top, still isn’t complete.  Various stages of the drawing can be viewed at   […]

  2. Nice work!
    I love the eyes of the lynx or bobcat. I did a watercolor/ink of a close up of a bobcats eyes and was pleased how it turned out. If you visit my web go to the archived and look under the predator eyes.

    • flandrumhill Says:

      Asmalltowndad, their eyes certainly are beautiful. I still haven’t been able to find the predator eyes on your website. Let me know if there’s a direct link to the post.

  3. Very nice job. I love both and appreciate how difficult it is to do this type of drawing.

  4. Sorry for the delay on the link, but this should get you to it. If not at the bottom of my blog where it says previous post it will be on the 3rd page. Thanks for trying!

  5. […] The colored pencil drawing of a Bobcat begun earlier this week is finally complete.  Earlier stages of the image can be found at […]

  6. The eyes are spectacular… the end result is also lovely.

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