Nova Scotia Bobcat

January 24, 2010

Nova Scotia Bobcat

The colored pencil drawing of a Bobcat begun earlier this week is finally complete.  Earlier stages of the image can be found at

Nova Scotia supposedly has the largest population of bobcats in North America.  They are Canada’s most common wildcat and keep the populations of small rodents and mammals such as Snowshoe Hares in check.  For photos of bobcat tracks, see my nature journal post  Bobcats in the Backyard.

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6 Responses to “Nova Scotia Bobcat”

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  2. Gerry Says:

    Oh, Amy, I just now stumbled on this and the update of the post over on Flandrum Hill. I love the bobcat, yes I do. I like the emerging bobcat views, too–it’s fascinating to watch you work–but the finished piece is dramatic, immediate, wild.

  3. Yousei Hime Says:

    Always enjoy your blog. Thank you for it. Visit mine to see the Cornucopia of Awards.

  4. Sartenada Says:

    I love this – great art.

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