My name is Amy-Lynn Bell and I am the artist and writer behind Drawing Conclusions.   While  providing background information about individual pieces of my art work, I hope to also give some insight into the creative process.  

I started teaching drawing and calligraphy in the early 90s to both adults and children and still do some teaching on an individual basis.  Presently, I sell prints of my drawings, while also taking orders for charcoal pencil portraits of people and pets.  Locally, my paintings and prints of my drawings are sold at The Inn at Fisherman’s Cove  on Shore Road in Eastern Passage.

To contact me, please email

To visit my online nature journal, Flandrum Hill,  go to


8 Responses to “About”

  1. centria Says:

    You’re an artist, too! I am so impressed with so many of your drawings here. Great job, Amy-Lynn…

  2. Sakhi Says:

    I am in awe!! 🙂 Loved your creation and consider me a regular to this blog 🙂

  3. Sakhi Says:

    Came over again to show your creation to my daughter (8 yrs)… she is thrilled!

  4. flandrumhill Says:

    Thank you Sakhi 🙂 Nice to have both you and your daughter visit.

  5. Your drawings are BEAUTIFUL! I’ll have to show your blog to my older daughter, she love to draw, too (and is really good at it) and would really enjoy it, especially your dragons.

  6. Susana Weber Says:

    Just deeeee-lightful!!!

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