July 9, 2011

Lotus by Amy-Lynn Bell

Lotus flowers hold a special place in Eastern religion.  Found growing in the mud, these beautiful lilies represent both our groundedness here on earth and our longing for the divine.

This 30″x40″ painting was created with acrylics on canvas for a friend who loves yoga.  The colors were chosen to coordinate with the decor of her new home.


The Baltic Wheel

December 12, 2009

baltic wheelsThroughout the ages, various cultures have created labyrinths to provide users with the opportunity to reflect while in motion along a given path. Their design integrates the circle with the spiral, two of the earth’s oldest symbols.

Forms are numerous, with applications in a variety of sizes and materials (stones, sticks, plants, fabric) created for either indoor or outdoor use. 

Scandinavian in origin, the Baltic Wheel labyrinth provides two paths to the centre: a long and a short.

The above drawings are preliminary sketches for a labyrinth that is presently in the planning stage for the MacDonald Park in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. The scarlet circles show possible placement of mosaic tiles. 

The hedge border will be Autumn Joy Sedum.


October 16, 2009


Hand-drawn with coloured pencils, each of the mandalas shown above incorporates a Maltese cross.  Maltese crosses traditionally have eight points, each representing a Christian virtue held sacred by the Knights of Saint John.

negative mandala

 The mandala at left was drawn with oil pastels on heavily textured paper.  It has more of an organic appearance due to the absence of straight lines and hard edges.

For more information about mandalas and how they are being used to promote world peace, see The Mandala Project.

To see some mandalas created with natural materials, see Autumn Mandalas  at Flandrum Hill, my online nature journal.