Boundless Energy

March 10, 2012

frisbee dog

Some dogs have an energy that seems boundless.  Such a dog is Trey, a Staffordshire cross.  Although he lives to chase the ball, Trey also loves playing frisbee and exercising on an indoor treadmill when it’s too wet to go for walks outdoors.

This drawing of Trey was created with a combination of charcoal pencils (black, Venetian Red and Terracotta) and colored pencils on paper.



March 9, 2012

Mutts are considered by many to be the  ideal dog as it’s thought that they possess the combined strengths of each breed represented in their mix.  This portrait is of Sasha, a Black Lab/Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  The drawing was done with black charcoal pencil and colored pencil on paper.


Black Cat

May 11, 2009


There is much mystery and lore surrounding black cats.  In some cultures they are considered omens of bad luck, while in others they’re considered good luck. 

Here in North America they are supposedly less likely to be adopted at shelters than other cats.  At the time we acquired our black cat Joey, we were actively searching for an all black cat.  Contrary to what one would believe of black cats, she is gentle and affectionate.

A small group of caring individuals finds new homes for stray cats found around the Fisherman’s Cove area in Eastern Passage.  These cats are called Cove Kitties.  Our cat Joey’s mother was one such Cove Kitty.  She was found pregnant and so Joey was born in the vet clinic.  Since then, she’s always been an indoor cat.

Due to problems with allergies among some of our family members, we’re now seeking a new home for Joey.  If you live in or near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, please contact me by email if you’re interested in seeing if she would make a good fit into your household.

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April 8, 2009


If he was still running the trails, this month we would have celebrated Kulik’s 21st birthday.  He was an Alaskan Malamute and Grey Wolf cross:  a brilliant dog who is still greatly missed, though he passed into the afterlife many years ago, after simply falling asleep under a tree at a ripe old age.

The highlight of Kulik’s day was a toss-up between dropping off the kids at the school bus stop or running free on the trails out back to the bog.  He loved the attention lavished on him by neighborhood girls and was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.  He had a weakness for chasing and catching rabbits and porcupines, much to everyone’s dismay.  His howling was haunting.

This drawing was done in black charcoal and graphite pencil.

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